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duoo gold rings

Duoo wedding bands, a combination of jewelry tradition and cutting-edge technology, is today one of the leading brands in Spanish jewelry specializing in gold wedding rings and engagement jewelry.

It offers one of the most extensive collections with the best quality-price ratio in the market, with a multitude of possible combinations of shapes, sizes, types and colors of gold, finishes, engravings, or the possibility of incorporating diamonds on the surface.

All the rings come with a card or certificate that indicates all the characteristics that identify each piece and guarantee its quality.

We show you the rings and engagement rings from our online store.

dimberley engagement rings

They have a 3D ring configurator with which you can design and see the price instantly of an extensive variety of wedding rings and engagement rings, choosing the type of gold, varying the shape, measurements, colors, finishes, engravings, and incorporating one or more diamonds on the surface. With all this, you will get a ring, your ring, fully personalized. All to get rings designed for you and for you. Try it now!

duoo configurator

Both on our website and in our physical store -dedicated exclusively to engagement jewelry and wedding rings- we show you a wide assortment of models made with gold, platinum, carbon, titanium, steel, tantalum, zirconium, silver, etc.

Discover our models, featuring prices and key characteristics

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